This is post for all husbands. First, there are something to ask for you. Which gifts do you sometimes choose for your woman when on a date or a special day? Do you ever choose lingerie as giving for your woman? If never, what's the reason? Maybe it is because you never thought lingerie as a gift, or you have had this idea in your mind, but you don’t know how to choose the fit one.

If you are the former, I have some words, guy, if you buy one fit your woman, she will really like this giving. If you are the second one, I will tell some oppions on how to choose lingerie for your charming woman.

Lingerie is very close-fitting things for lovers. They buy it most carefully to dress them most beautifully. It is not just concerning with their appearance, but it also has directly impact on their fit. If you buddies wonder to buy lingerie as a gift, you must guarantee to learn something about your woman.

The most important is size. What type of lingerie style is important, too. You can search her garderobe, look one of her lingerie, see the label on it. The size number is clearly tagged, including bust and cup information. Then search all the colors of the lingerie she has. These are the colors she favorites.

In the meanwhile, you should search the lingerie type. Each woman has her own lingerie type, this kind of lingerie fit her the most. When women go to a lingerie shop, the first sight they see the lingerie is the type, then color and size.

When you buddies go to a sexy lingerie shop, you can also ask the sales clerk for help. They will give you some useful ideas.