Current visuals are all about diascope, but perhaps part of the reason movie work hasn’t become nearly as see-everywhere as things by ear is that screens and diascope are tougher to trans than sound box and orator. Naturally, the requirement of a really high-quality moving outfit is obvious – especially one that can work out-of-doors.

General Inflatables manufactures outdoor movie screen international. It's Chinese mainland mill, and have already made a name for itself by supporting large amount outdoor movie screen for like outside drive-in and film fete outdoor maskings. Its productions have typically work at the high-end.

They provide two selections. First, there’s a complete “home backyard theater kit,” including:

  • 9’ x 5’ outdoor movie screen
  • Yard stakes and straps for setting it up (sand bags are optional)
  • A Sanyo 2300-lumen LCD projector (not a bad model, in fact)
  • DVD player
  • Audio mixer, complete with A/V cables and adapters, with PA
  • LED goose neck light
  • Carrying cases
  • Air blower with a muffler to keep the noise down (it was quiet from what I could tell, though we were in a loud space)

That’s for the family user, so I suspect you’d have just as much luck putting together your own parts – and though the Sanyo projector is properly, you’d otherwise potentially be disappointed with some of what’s here. But here’s the interesting bit: you can get just the screen. And it’s ridiculously small and light; the whole 9’ screen packs into a tiny case you could pop into your backpack and weighs just eight pounds.

Even the full package I think is potentially good news for VJs, even indirectly – it’s just the kind of commoditization we’ve been waiting for for projection setups. Cheap + turn-key could mean more venues preparing for projection and working for visualists, and this is just one example.