A fun summer staple am able to be a dangerous trap for kids. If you don't have one, you've probably seen them popping up in backyards in your neighborhood. But some say persons inflatable bouncers housing can lead to grim injury.

There's a checklist you can use to make sure the inflatable playhouse is safe. You can stopping the anchoring, the condition of the house, and its design. But the monkey one critical of thumb is parental supervision.

"It's something we only used to be able to see at the carnivals or the fairs and now you undergo companies that will bring it out to the structure and it's astonishing for them," claimed Safe Kids Elkhart County Coordinator Hollie Lambert.

Safe Kids Elkhart County Coordinator Hollie Lambert suggests such inflatables, or moonwalks, look to be heaps of fun, but could suggest a serious threat.

"We have a lot of companies coming out to these kinds of houses that are perhaps not experienced in set-up or maintenance of the equipment," alleged Lambert.

A lazy set-up is why Jazzy Jumper technician Frank Burns displays these types of scenes are all during the web. He argues if a company only uses stakes, the wind can take the moonwalk off the ground.

"We usually use the sandbag because it is sort of a universal. If a high wind picks up, there is still something there," said Jazzy Jumper Technician Frank Burns.

Burns alleges parents should take a look at the anchoring and conditioning. A beat-up inflatable is !no! are expected to have rips and tears. And Lambert says the moonwalk's design is a good indicator of its safety.

"There are instances where the netting is that much too big and children's fingers or feet can get stuck in the netting and can cause breaks or fractures," alleged Lambert.

"This is a relatively new moonwalk providing so safety feature in mind," argued Burns.

Burns says that if somewhat happens to your blower, the tent can deflate pretty quickly trapping kids inside a vinyl maze. That's why he has now machine.

"This informs you if you loose any electrical current to your blower," argued Burns.

But even if the moonwalk was installed properly, the vinyl make-up is a constant concern.

"There's trigger in the vinyl and if there's dust ingested that can cause lead poisoning. It's hotter inside that house just like it is hot inside a car, especially in the summer months," said Lambert.

So kids can undergo on heat exhaustion or dehydration, too. And additonally these bounce houses are not death traps...

"When you have a moonwalk up, you undergo to own a parent around," said Burns.

Burns says the number one cause of injury is kids running into other kids. He suggests parents have to look out for numerous age groups to keep the better kids from trampling the small.